New York or across Long Island can be daunting.

Decades of local experience and expertise understanding Long Island’s 2 counties, 13 towns, 2 cities, 97 villages, 173 hamlets, and 120 school districts, provides much needed perspective during the real estate selection process. Our unmatched local knowledge allows us to quickly and accurately determine whether proposed sites can achieve maximum incentives and how proposed projects will be received by local stakeholders. 

Standard Advisors has common ownership with a licensed New York State real estate brokerage that has strong relationships throughout the Long Island, Queens and Brooklyn commercial and industrial real estate market. We can be a part of your development team and create a tailored strategic plan for your company’s transition or new development. 

Standard Advisors provides unparalleled value as a local advisor to national selection firms, law firms, and in-house real estate departments. Whether renegotiating a local lease, determining whether a facility is eligible for a property tax exemption or extension, expanding operations in New York, retaining your current facility on Long Island, or contemplating the creation of a multi-property corporate campus, Standard Advisors can provide expert, practical analysis to guide your decision. 

We have worked with many off Long Island companies who are seeking local market share by guiding them through the stakeholder engagement process.

Talking with us about your project is no-cost and no-risk.

All inquiries are kept confidential. You can reach our corporate office at 516-373-6200 or email to schedule a time to speak. We look forward to it.